Privacy Policy Our Privacy Commitment Inc. affiliates, parent companies, joint ventures and other legal entities and / or their associates, consultants, employees, managers and managers (together referred to as "", "we", "us") From the services and games and websites, applications and / or games associated with the Apple App Store, the Google Play App Store, the Amazon App Store, the Windows Store, Facebook and / or other game sites (together referred to as Amazon Services,). respects the privacy rights of our beneficiaries. In this context, we have created and implemented this Privacy Policy to inform our users about how we collect, use, store, disclose, transfer, transfer and protect the information we obtain through the Services. When you visit, visit, install, use, or otherwise access the Services, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy and the terms of service of, and your personal information will be processed as specified in this Privacy Policy. You are giving your consent. Therefore, we advise you to carefully read this Privacy Policy and Terms of Service before using our Services. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy and / or Terms of Use, please do not use or dispose of the Services. We would like to point out that is not responsible for the actions of third parties, the content of the websites, the information you provide to such danc bilgiler persons, or the use of the services offered by first persons. reserves the right to modify / revise this Privacy Policy and, if you continue to benefit from the Services, this means that you agree to the changes / updates made to this Privacy Policy. 1. Collecting Information Tedir Personal Information kapsamında means any information relating to the individual person who, under this Privacy Policy, allows users to be identified or identified as an individual. Information used to identify a particular person, whether used in conjunction with any other information or not, is deemed to have been de-identified, broken or otherwise anonymized. When you open or log on to an account for services; requesting a customer support or technical support service; When you subscribe to news; When you participate in service feedback, surveys or contests, may disclose, transfer, categorize, disclose, disclose, and transfer your personal information where permitted by legal regulations and be able to function. Our primary goal in collecting information is to present and improve our Services, to manage your use of the Services, and to enjoy our Services and to make it easy for you to use our Services. also collects the information you provide, including but not limited to your name, email address and mobile phone number when you send us a visit to our website to submit a job application and access our website. . uses this information to contact you to determine whether you have the qualifications required for the position you are applying or for the necessary arrangements to be made with you. 1.1 Information Collected from Parties When you play our games on mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Amazon and / or Social Sharing Sites such as Facebook, Google+, or when you connect / play to our games using your SPS profile, or when you use our Services from mobile platform or SPS We may collect and save some information about you from the SPS provider. The information we collect and store depends on your mobile platform or SPS's information sharing policy, your permission to this platform and the SPS providers, and your privacy settings, and the privacy settings of your SPS profile friends (if you share my friends or share with friends). The information we collect and store when you connect to our Services through an SPS includes your name, SPS user ID and / or user name, location, gender, date of birth, e-mail address, profile photo or URL of your photo, and Your SPS profile friends who use the Services by connecting through SPS can have SPS user ID numbers. Any of our services, games or applications when you use it on the mobile platform, your Internet Protocol ("IP") address (permanent or extension), your device's hardware type, the media access management ("MAC") address, the international mobile equipment ID ("IMEI"), your operating system (" We can collect and save information such as the OS "version", the name of your device, your email address (if you're connected to Facebook or Google +) and your location based on your IP address. This information is useful for our problems with our Services and helps us understand your user trends. If you do not wish to follow or use location-based information through your mobile devices, you can turn off your location sharing status in the settings menu of your device. 1.2 Sites When browsing our websites, your computer's operating system, Internet Protocol (IP) address, access times, the Internet browser's language and language, and the addresses of the Internet sites being viewed can be automatically saved. We may use this information to monitor, improve and analyze your use of the Services. 1.3 Mobile Analysis and Google Analytics We use mobile analysis software to help us better understand the functionality of our mobile software on your device. These software can record information such as how often you use the application, events that occur in the application, total usage amount, performance data, and where the application was downloaded. We do not relate the information we store under the mobile analysis software to any personal information you provide within the mobile application. We also use Google Analytics in our Services to help us know who is using the Services and which pages are shown. These monitoring and analysis software may access information such as your device identifier, MAC address, IMEI number, location (the specific location in which a particular language is spoken), geolocation information, and IP address, in order to provide its services and in accordance with its privacy policies. Our Privacy Policy does not cover the use of the parties' analysis and monitoring tools. We do not have access to, or control over, mnc persons. 1.4 Other Tracking Tools As with many websites, we use technologies such as ğ cookies, signs, scripts, and labels in certain areas of the Services to make your experience more comfortable and improve your experience with the Services we offer. . Cookies are small electronic pieces of information on which a website visit is placed in the web browser and stored on the hard drive drive of its visit. Cookies are not spyware or ad-supported computer software (adware) and cannot infect your computer or run programs on your computer. You can block cookies from the settings of your Internet browser or you can make the necessary settings in the internet browser to let you know when an cookie is detected. Please note that we do not relate the information we collect through cookies or monitoring tools to the personally identifiable information of our users. We would like to point out that companies that publish ads in services or games may use ınerez or other monitoring technologies and that these practices are subject to the policies of the respective companies. 1.5 Fun Pages and Forums We can offer fun pages for everyone, blogs, or community forums. When you disclose information about yourself on's entertainment pages, blogs and community forums, you should be aware that this information has become public and may be collected and used by or other parties. When you disclose any information on our entertainment pages, blogs and community forums, you will be at risk of this action. If you connect and use our Facebook pages with our Facebook pages, our blogs, or our community forums, the information you provide will be associated with your Facebook account. In such a case, you will need to contact Facebook directly to request that your personal information be deleted from our entertainment pages, blogs or community forums. 1.6 Social Media Widgets There are widgets such as the Medya Share gibi button or the interactive mini-programs on Social Media Features and Services, such as the Facebook and Twitter button on / off the services. These features can collect information about your IP address and the page on which you visit the Services, and can activate a function to ensure that these features operate in a smooth manner. Social Media Features and Widgets can be presented by one person, or directly from our Services It can also be offered. Your interaction with these features is subject to the privacy policy of the company offering the relevant feature. 1.7 Instant Notifications We may occasionally send instant notifications to you via our mobile apps to share game updates, high score lists in the game, and other notifications that may be important to you in connection with the Services. You can disable such notifications at any time by turning off instant notifications from the settings menu of our mobile device. 1.8 Advertising Networks We may include advertising in the scope of services or games. In this way, we will be able to collect and use information such as your services, advertisers, session activities, device identifier, MAC address, IMEI number, geographic location information and IP address. Advertisers can use this information to analyze advertisements and publish ads for your interests. You may also find ads for our games in other areas. After clicking on one of these ads, you will become a user of our Services. Your device identifier information may be shared with advertisers in order to confirm the uploads made in this way. 1.9 Customer Support When you contact our Customer Services Group, we may receive your e-mail address and use this e-mail address to contact you about your experience with Services. 2. Using Information We may use the information we collect through the Services in a manner that includes, but is not limited to, the following provisions in this Privacy Policy: Classes: To send commercial or marketing messages to your email address or other information used to identify you, including but not limited to news stories, email communications, about our Games or Services. can use in. We may also use your e-mail address to contact you for any support or technical support. Instant Notifications: may occasionally send you instant notifications via our mobile apps to share updates about games, high score lists in the game, and other notifications that may be important to you in relation to services. You can opt out of receiving such notifications at any time by turning them off on the device level. Realization: mnc person applications such as Apple App Store, Google Play App Store, Amazon App Store, through services or games, or when you purchase services (in-app purchase) and / or Social Sharing Sites (mSPS ), such as Facebook, may ask for some financial information to redeem on behalf of does not collect, store or use any personally identifiable information, such as your name, address, credit card number, telephone number and e-mail address, as part of the olaraknc sak party transactions. Game Data: When you play our games, we collect data from your server log files and / or any other interaction with other players in the game. This information may be associated with your player ID, your IP address, or your device ID to provide and improve the Services. Review Services: We use the information you share about your friends through the services provided through the services (eg, ız Talk to a friend ) through the services, to inform your friend about our Services and to follow the success of our assessment program. When you choose to use a dating service to provide information to a friend about our Services, we may send a notification to your friend, asking you to download the Services automatically and for once. Customer Support: We use the information you have provided to contact you with any questions regarding your support for the Services, or to respond to your request for technical support. Job Applications: When you apply for or apply for, you contact this information to contact you to arrange a visit or to determine whether you have the required qualifications for the position you are applying to. We can use it to eat. 3. Sharing and Transferring Information We may share your personal information anonymously with advertisers, publishers, business partners and other parties, provided that the legal regulations in force are validated and permitted. In addition, we make the personal information we collect from you anonymized in the following cases when the legislation in force is permitted and authorized by you. we can also share: Protection of rights: shall not: (i) ensure that any information, access, disclosure, use or disclosure of such information shall be governed by any applicable law, such as a sub-legal act or (ii) it is necessary for the action to be identified, prevented, or otherwise dealt with, or (iii) that this action is linked to a service, safety issue or technical matter associated with the Services; share the personal information if the information believes in the goodwill that it is appropriate to protect the rights, assets, or safety of, its employees, users or Services. Asset transfers: If we are a party to any merger, acquisition or other transaction for the sale of all or part of the assets of or if we are a party to another transaction, the user information is transferred to us, including the personal information we obtain from you through the use of the Services. assets. This will apply to reasonable methods to inform you by sending a notice that can be easily viewed on Services when a situation is required. By sharing your personal information with, you consent to's transfer of your personal information to a nc person within the scope of an asset transfer described in this paragraph. Service Providers: We may share your personal information with the ncler person suppliers or service providers that we process to process your orders or to process information on your behalf or on your behalf. For example, we can collaborate with other companies to provide customer services. In addition, we may collaborate with other companies for processing, analyzing and / or storing data, including but not limited to Analytical Data. These companies may provide us with access to your personal information while providing services. We require that you comply with this Privacy Policy when your personal information is applicable to companies that we grant access to. 4. Independence of Your Interactions with Party Parties Note that we cannot guarantee that we cannot control the activities of the lernc pros people from whom we provide data or provide data to him and that therefore we cannot guarantee that the ım first ım persons subject to the same confidentiality and safety procedures as we want. When you play our games on mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Amazon and / or Social Sharing Sites such as Facebook, Google+, or when you connect / play to our games using your SPS profile, or use our Services from this platform or SPS, you We may collect and save some information about you from the SPS provider. The information we collect and record depends on your mobile platform or SPS's information sharing policy, your permission to this platform and SPS providers, and your privacy settings, and the privacy settings of your SPS profile friends (if you share my friends or share with friends). We also recommend that you read the Privacy Policy of the danc er people who are subject to these services when you access our Services through these first-party applications or when you connect our Services to these first-person applications. When you click on a tırncay party logo or URL that is included in our Services and carries you to another website, our Privacy Policy will no longer be valid and to see how your personal information will be handled on their website You will need to read the privacy policy of the parties concerned. If you do not find the privacy policies, you should contact the relevant network manager (webmaster) of these websites to obtain information on the information collection, use and disclosure policies. It is not our responsibility for you to collect and use your personal information in our subject matter. 5. Storage of Data maintains the collected data throughout the period required for the fulfillment of the requirements set out in this Privacy Policy, unless the law requires or requires a longer retention period. does not confirm the accuracy of personal data. 6. Information Security The personal information you provide to us is stored on the servers located in the security facilities and the protocols and procedures designed to ensure the safety of the information in accordance with the standards of the relevant information such as the security walls and data encryption. Protected in house. However, it cannot be guaranteed that 100% of the data transmission from any server, computer, communication network or system or the internet is safe. Therefore, as, if we take all kinds of technical actions to protect the user information and if we have a business to provide information security, you can send it to us or share it through the Services. we cannot guarantee the security of the information in absolute terms. The access to personal information for performing the services outlined in this Privacy Policy and performing technical maintenance work is limited to's employees and authorized agents. 7. User Rights In accordance with the legal regulations in the jurisdiction of your personal data; (a) to learn whether it has been processed, (b) to request information if it has been processed, (c) to learn whether it is used for the purpose and purpose of processing, (d) to know the third parties to which it is transferred abroad or abroad, (e) is missing or (f) requesting that the parties to be deleted or destroyed according to the legislation, (g) to be notified to third parties to be notified of the transactions made in accordance with the above mentioned paragraphs (e) and (f), (h) automatic systems We would like to remind you that you have the right to appeal against the emergence of a result to you, (i) the right to claim the loss in the event of loss due to the violation of the legislation. If you would like to use your rights above, you can send your request to the e-mail address Please include your full name, email address associated with your account and a detailed description of your data request. We'll provide 30-day rollback to all your demand. In some cases, we will remove all or part of your personal information in order to fulfill our legal obligations, resolve any disputes, and perform the deficiencies we have entered against you. may not be mk olmn. In this case, your information will be stored or used as specified in this Privacy Policy. 8. International Transfers Personal information collected through the Services may be stored or processed in the United States, in the United States, or in any other form in which or its affiliates, affiliates or agents have facilities. By using the Services, you consent to the transfer of information outside of your country. 9. Dispute Resolution and Applicable Law If a dispute arises between you and, you can contact us directly through the help section on a ticket dosy (help file) during the game or by contacting us via We recommend that you contact us directly to find us. All disputes between you and shall be subject to the laws of the Republic of Turkey, regardless of the nature of the conflict, and the jurisdiction of the courts and enforcement offices of the Istanbul Central Courts. You agree and declare that it will be improved by you. 10. Our Policy on Children Services are not offered to children under the age of 13 and does not collect or personally identify personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13. If you are older than 18 years of age, you must obtain your parents' consent to access our Services and games. We would like to remind you that parents warn their children when they do not give their real names, addresses or phone numbers without their consent when they are arm evolution Eb. - If you have any concerns or questions about your child's personal information, please contact us via 11. Notification of Amendments will from time to time change or revise this Privacy Policy. You hereby acknowledge and agree that you agree to the revised Privacy Policy if you continue to use the Updated Services after the revised Privacy Policy is published in the Services or on mobile platforms or SPS. If you do not accept any part of the Privacy Policy at any time, you must immediately discontinue use of the Services. 12. Contact us If you have any questions about our privacy practices or this Privacy Policy, please contact us by sending an e-mail to